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Accelerated Free Fall (AFF Program)


AFF student max weight limit is 200lbs (90kg).

This training discipline is where certified instructors accompany the student in free fall holding onto the student's harness at first while the student demonstrates certain skills. It can be compared to learning to ride a bike with training wheels.


Since the student is wearing their own parachute, they must be trained to handle emergency procedures as well as landing procedures. AFF training consists of a six to eight hour ground course, and the first jump can often be accomplished the same day. The USPA Online Ground School, while not a course that can be used as complete training, provides valuable information for first-time jumpers and is a great refresher for all students. It includes videos and information about skydiving equipment, canopy flight and landing, emergency procedures, exit and free fall.

How Does It Work?

Student exits the aircraft with two USPA AFF Instructors and free fall together for 30 to 50 seconds, depending on jump altitude, typically 10,000 to 13,000 feet. Instructors maintain grip on the student's harness to provide in-air instruction and assist with stability if necessary. The student opens their own parachute by 4,000 feet and pilots it to the landing area.

Each AFF category is designed to take one jump, and requires about 45 minutes of training. After performing the objectives of each category successfully, you move on to the next category. Once you've completed all the AFF categories you will be cleared to self-jump master, which means you can skydive without an instructor present, but that doesn't mean the learning ends there! You will practice and hone your skills by yourself and in small groups until you obtain 25 jumps and qualify for your USPA A license.

Click here for more information on Coach Jumps.

Once you have made your appointment for ground school please visit USPA Online Ground School to familiarize yourself with the program.

A tandem skydive is recommended first.

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Tandem Pricing


You MUST be 18 years old with valid ID to ride this ride.
Weight Limit is 225lbs (102kg)


» Gift Certificates Available «

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