Primary Plane: Cessna 208 Caravan (Blackhawk 876HP)

Seats: 17 Jumpers

Time to Altitude: 12 minutes, approx.

What we love: Spacious interior to keep our jumpers comfortable and a big door for easy exits and stellar photographs.

Secondary Plane: Twin Otter

Seats: 24 Jumpers

Time to Altitude: 15 minutes, approx.

Manifest & Hanger

Our 4,300 square foot hanger is situated on a 70,000 square foot lot and features:
• Check-In & Registration Area
• On-site Parking Lot
• Training & Gear Up Zone
• Carpeted Indoor Packing Area
• Video Review & Debriefing Zones
• Air-Conditioned Classroom & Offices
• Shaded Creeping Area
• Shaded Outdoor Lounge & Picnic Area
• Landing Area Viewing
• Camping & RV Parking Area
And with load screens mounted throughout, access to wifi and the ability for fun-jumpers to manifest for loads via their Burble accounts, you are guaranteed to always be a part of the fun!

Landing Area & Swoop Pond

Situated just across from our main facilities, our main landing area is approximately 370 acres and surrounded on three sides by open fields.

Our swoop pond is approximately 30,000 square feet.

Rigging Loft

Rigging loft and services available on a need-base during the weekend and by appointment on the weekdays. Ask to speak to one of our on-site riggers for your gear’s needs.

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