A thrilling first jump experience.

Free Fall Options 

  8,000' -  up to 30 seconds of free fall        $179
13,000' -  up to 60 seconds of free fall        $229
15,000' -  up to 70 seconds of free fall
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At Bay Area Skydiving we're proud of our impeccable safety record because we put customer safety and gear maintenance first.  Shouldn't your first skydive be about peace of mind and not lower cost?

Video and Photo Packages
Basic Video (HandyCam)       $99
Video & Photo Experience (Outside Prospective)$148
Ultimate Video & Photo Experience (Includes under canopy video)$198

Special's / Discounts

Military & Students with valid ID - 13k tandem Jump only $10 
Groups of 10 or more, per person $10
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Fine Print
* deposits are non-refundable.  refunds, credits or exchanges are not allowed
* rescheduling within 72 hours of your jump will result in loss of deposits
* prices are subject to change without notice
* discounts cannot be combined
*201lb to 224lb + $25
*225lb to 250lb + $50
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The fastest way to solo skydive.

AFF per Category                                             

AFF Ground School & Category A   $325
Category B         
Category C          
Category D1          
Category D2        
Category E1          $225 
Category E2          

AFF Package (all the above) $1,675            
A License Packages  (15 solos, 3 coach jumps, check dive, gear rental) 
AFF Package + A License Package
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Fine Print
* deposits are non-refundable
* prices subject to change without notice
* package prices are in accordance with minimum requirements for completion
* USPA membership required prior to Category B
* Pack Jobs NOT included for Solo Jumps
* Packages expire 12 months from date of purchase

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For experienced skydivers.

SINGLE JUMP  - Caravan               
13,000'             $32
18,000'  $50
BLOCK JUMPS - Caravan                                              
25 Jump Package – 13k ($31 per jump) $775
50 Jump Package – 13k ($30 per jump)         $1,500 
100 Jump Package – 13k ($29 per jump)          $2,900
Fine Print
*Prices subject to change without notice
*Block jumps are not transferable
*Block jumps are valid for 12 months from date of sale 

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